Howard County Ranks as ‘One of the Healthiest’ in U.S.

When looking for the optimum place to live and work, Howard County delivers with excellent schools, employment and entertainment options, green space and affordability. Now there’s another key ranking — Howard County, Maryland was ranked #11 Healthiest Community in the U.S. according to MarketWatch. The reporting notes that Howard County has better air quality than 7 of the top 10 counties in the U.S. and outranks all of the top 10 by having the most primary care physicians per resident.

As shared by MarketWatch, “To find the healthiest and unhealthiest counties in America, the team looked at factors that affect health, such as air pollution, grocery stores, income and preventable hospitalization rates. These factors can lead to increased doctor visits and ultimately have an impact on quality of life factors that may affect health and life insurance rates.”

Studies continue to indicate how location significantly impacts health. The Geospatial Research, Analysis and Services Program (GRASP) identifies five key factors that influence health and wellbeing: natural environment (air, water, land), affected by pollution and disasters; built environment (infrastructure, transportation) impacting healthcare access and amenities; population connectivity; social and behavioral environment shaped by cultural practices; and health policy environment, governed by regulations influencing healthcare access and socio-economic factors like housing and employment.

Columbia, Maryland was also recently ranked the #1 Best City for Women, #4 City for Young Families, and #2 Safest City in America.

These recent awards only scratch the surface of why Columbia, Maryland and Merriweather District are great for living, working, and connecting.