Office Space For a Hybrid Work Model

Around the world, office use has been steadily increasing again as companies continue to invite employees back to the office. Though the leading rationale for the return-to-work movement is based on the desire for cultural growth and in-person collaboration, many companies are navigating how to appeal a new, permanent hybrid work model to employees. As Globe St highlights, employees expect to have a workspace that flexes with demand and offers upgraded amenities and perks (not just snacks and free coffee).

Downtown Columbia and Merriweather District witness the same trends with their tenants and prospects. Kristi Smith, President of the Maryland region for Howard Hughes, acknowledges that with the flexibility of a remote and hybrid office model, employees are drawn to work in spaces where they can experience a full, balanced life. This challenges employers to find office space for lease that impresses employees. Furthermore, employers are on the hunt to find destinations that are also right-sized to accommodate a flexible workday schedule.

“We’re uniquely positioned to meet those needs,” Smith said, speaking of the range of Merriweather District’s office space, walkable natural landscape, proximity to Lake Kittamaqundi, and countless, culture-rich amenities including the iconic Merriweather Post Pavilion and Symphony Woods, restaurants, fitness centers, and more. She adds, “[Columbia, Maryland] is regularly ranked one of the best places to live in the country. Downtown Columbia has been able to answer the call from office tenants for a better place to come to work.” In 2023, Columbia was also recognized as #2 Safest City in the U.S., #7 Happiest Places to Live in America, and #2 Best City for Jobs.

Benefits of Leasing Office Space in Downtown Columbia

  • Columbia is the city of livability. Prospective employees are moving out of big cities and into smaller, vibrant ones.
  • Job growth is hot here. Columbia is ranked Top 5 for job growth. Your company will be in good company.
  • Unmatched amenities. 20+ eateries, all within walking distance. Other perks include easy parking, gyms, parks, and entertainment venues.
  • Work in the city in a garden. We prefer shorter commutes and lots of green space – including 100+ miles of walking and hiking trails.
  • Space to grow your business. Varied office offerings from full suites to hub-and-spoke models cater to startups and established companies alike.

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As a contemporary flexible work environment, Downtown Columbia, Maryland is an ideal location for establishing your business. We are the third-largest city in the region, smaller and more accessible than both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, but prioritize what’s important in the current landscape. Furthermore, we have the advantage of proximity to three airports, numerous universities, and federal agencies, and we boast a robust and readily available talent pool.

The workplace dynamics have evolved, and we are well-prepared for these changes – you could join us on this transformative journey.

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